Adaptil Reviews

Best Buy I could make

This collar really works. It has calmed my dog and made her much happy. She is not pacing the house and nervous when the wind blows or hears loud noises. I will continue using this product. I recommend this to anyone who has a dog that is afraid of noise.


They need to redesign the fastener on this collar. And the instructions. I had to tape it together. I guess the phermone worked, but I couldn't keep it on my dog long enough to be sure.

Great Product!

Believe we are seeing results after one week! Using both the collar and the diffusser seem to really help my two year old OES with his anxiety issues. We will try the car next week and see if we also get some good results.

Solved My Problem

I really think my little rescue dog is calmer! I will buy the diffuser again!

surprised and pleased

So far, this has been a great product. my vet recommended it but it was less expensive on this website so I ordered the diffusers and replacements here. I have a 2100 square foot home and placed 3 of these in the main areas and my shih-tzu is SO much calmer. Once I put out the replacement DAPs, I intend to order more. Well worth the money spent.

Nice to have on hand

Seems to be helping our shyest owner surrender sheltie. He's going to need more work, but he's coming around! I sprayed this on his crate cover.

I highly recommend this product

My dog Buster has struggled with anxiety of all sorts for years, since we've added the DAP diffusers and collars he's much more relaxed when we come home after he's been alone for a few hours and he's much better behaved when we meet other dogs and strangers.

Pheromone diffuser

did not help at all with my current dogs anxiety when I leave home.....she continues to also bark and growl for no apparent reason. I have used this product before with another dog, ( who has passed on), about 10 years ago, and for her, it did help slightly with her anxiety and separation anxiety due to changes in her life due to losses ( dogs, divorce ), but she also required medication prescribed by our Vet for several months...

Makes a difference

Lets just say that I know when my Cocker Spaniel misses a few doses or when I run out of pills. This helps keep him comfortable and more active. Well worth the price.

So far, So good

My German Shorthaired Pointer, 4 years old, who has been properly gun trained, is terrified of fireworks & thunder storms. I was skeptical about one of these collars, and this is the only brand I have used so far, but I definitely see a difference. He is aware of the thunder, looks up and is now sometimes barking at it, but he doesn't shake like he used to. He would pant with his tongue hanging out and shake from head to toe even after we could no longer hear the thunder. Now I notice that he looks up, is aware of the thunder, but doesn't pant or shake. And when he barks/growls at it, I tell him he's a good boy. Not that I want to promote barking behavior, but it seems he has more confidence and the few barks is better than him almost having a heart attack. I would definitely recommend trying it for yourself. I'm sure we've all wasted more money than this on our dogs. Now I wait to see what happens with the fireworks.

The ONLY thing that helped my dog

After we moved recently our dogs separation anxiety (that we previously had under control) flared up badly. She was stressed, anxious, panting and destructive whenever we would leave the house. We repeated her training, tried the Thundershirt, and even started her on Prozac...nothing seemed to help. Within a few days of plugging in the diffuser, she was so much calmer and more like her normal self. It was amazing. I was a complete skeptic but for her it made all the difference. The collar works great too! A friends dog who was defecating in the house when they left him (separation anxiety related) stopped as soon as they started using it. I think this is the best product out there!


I bought this product as a long shot to help my wheaten terrier with anxiety issues which were starting to annoy the whole family. Any beeps or unusual noises would send him whining and running for my lap, and one incident could last for hours. We tried desensitizing him and various other things, but the behavior just seemed to continue and even escalate. I plugged the diffuser into an outlet in the room he spends most of his time, and within hours he seemed calmer. I would say that his anxiety has decreased by at least 75%, and the true test of its efficacy was when I noticed the behaviors returning--I looked at the diffuser and the pheromone bottle was empty. (It was about a month.) I just ordered 6 replacement bottles. The prices here are much better than anywhere else.

Worth a try

We bought this on the recommendation of our trainer. We have used it a couple of times but I am not sure if it has much effect on our pooch! At least, it has not been noticeable to her humans. Will keep using it and see what happens, I don't think it can hurt anything.

Was not happy with collar

I was not happy with this collar. It did not work at all.

good results from the spray

works for the urgent times when you have a visitor or a stressful situation great for quieten the girls down